To Eli’s Pre-K Teacher

Every morning I take his little hand in mine and we walk together to the back of the school. Some mornings there are tears and a struggle but most mornings there are smiles and laughter. As we walk I often talk, sometimes I sing, and on occasion we sing. As we walk we stop to stare at the trees. He smiles. He flaps. He makes indistinguishable noises.  Most mornings I kiss him and hurry on my way but every morning I am so happy to be leaving him in your care. In fact, lately as I have been counting down the days each morning, I feel a small tug at my emotions. As I count down 23 days left, I realize only 23 more mornings I get to walk with him, only 23 days of pre-k left.  I am beginning to feel a bit of a panic. How will he ever make it in the big school? How will I ever make it without you?

I never truly understood what a great teacher was until my child became a part of your class.

You let me talk so freely to you. The door is always open. You never make me feel like I am a hassle or a bother. You are always giving of your time no matter what hour of the day. You are vested in Eli. You love my Eli. You meet each challenge with a smile and a sense of humor. You encourage me when I feel like less than the parent that I want to be. You are able to help me and advise me without talking down or making me feel less than.

Thank you from the depths of my heart for guiding me on the beginning of this journey. Thank you for holding my hand and listening. For the many tears shed down both our cheeks; the triumphs and the setbacks. Thank you for your listening and non-judging ear. So often I have come to you feeling very defeated but before I leave, you manage to help me find hope again.

Thank you for bringing out the best in Eli. For seeing his strengths and refusing to let him do anything other than his best. Thank you for pushing him and for pushing Jason and I. Thank you for setting high standards and goals, never limiting him.  Thank you for seeing my child; for treating him as the wonderful, loving little boy that he is.  Thank you for loving him and cherishing moments with him. Every time that you share a sweet story or funny moment, it warms my heart.

I know you will always throw the praise back to Eli or his parents, but you have to know that you have played a huge role in the successes we have seen over these last two years.

Words cannot express how grateful I am that you are a part of our lives. You have made a difference in Eli’s life, in my life, and the life of our family.  As we journey on and Eli becomes the young man God has made him to be I know without doubt he will impact others. Who knows how many lives he will touch or how God will use him. He already is changing people; I know he has changed me.

You may not be able to talk about God to your students but they can see His love shining through you as you minister to these little ones and their parents. Thank you for allowing the hand of God to work through you to change the world one student at a time.


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