Christmas Miracle

Christmas is my favorite time of the year and I always feel a bit sad to see it go. This year, however, I am finding it a bit more difficult to let go of the season. This Christmas offered a lot of wonderful firsts for our family. Joseph saw his first Disney Christmas this year; I love seeing his eyes light up at each and every twinkling light he sees! Adam was very involved in making cookies and crafts, which is something I have dreamed of doing with my children since before they were born. But one of the more extraordinary blessings this year came to us from little Eli.

Last year, at the age of three, Eli showed no interest in any lights or decorations as Adam had at that age. We would take trips around the neighborhood to look at lights and, while Adam pointed excitedly at every display he saw, Eli was only very involved in inspecting the toy he had in his car seat. When we decorated the tree that year Eli preferred to play with toys in the room and he had to be coaxed into placing just one ornament on the tree for the sake of a photo. As I relished every Christmas tradition and moment with Adam, a small piece of my heart cried for what I would never experience with Eli. That year Christmas happened around him.

This year, as the Christmas season began to come upon us, I embraced what was sure to be the wonder and joy of Adam and Joseph and resigned myself to including Eli as much as he would allow. Was I in for a big surprise!

It came one night during our weekly search for Christmas lights. Our neighborhood begins to decorate in late November, so I decided to swing by a few houses after Thanksgiving that are usually decorated early in the season, As I approached the first house I pointed and yelled, ”Look! Christmas lights!” Adam squealed from the back, Joseph strained to see from his car seat, and I was surprised to see Eli actually looking out the window. We passed a few houses that night and Eli seemed very interested.

Then it happened: one night as we were driving home, I saw a nicely decorated house and pointed it out to the boys. Adam called back excitedly, “Christmas lights!”, and rather unexpectedly Eli literally screamed out the words “Christmas lights!” I looked to see him smiling and pointing at the display.

From that moment on, no display would escape Eli’s sight, and no ear was safe from the screaming pronouncement “Christmas lights!”  if that were not enough, at Walmart he became obsessed with the Christmas department, though, unfortunately, his favorite item was an inflatable Santa in an outhouse. He loved that display so much I honestly considered purchasing it. Thankfully, my husband was there to talk some sense into me by reminding me that we did not need Santa’s outhouse on our lawn..

One day, Eli came running into the living room and hollered, “Christmas tree right there!”, and pointed at an empty space by the wall. The next day we bought a tree and Eli helped Adam decorate it until the last ornament was hung.

Even more so than pointing out Christmas lights, were Eli’s obsession with Charlie Brown Christmas, both the book and the movie. One day in the car, out of nowhere, he began to sing ‘Hark the Harold Angels’.one of many Christmas songs he learned this year.

Last year I had cried over the fact he could not participate in the church Christmas program, but this year he was a shepherd.

Christmas is about the love and hope that came down from heaven in the form of a tiny baby that would save all mankind. I could not help think that this was God once again, sending me his hope and his love in the form of a little child. A child who last year could not say more than ten words, but this year sang along with several Christmas songs. A child whose future at times seems so unsure, but who was teaching me to have faith, faith in not what I see, not what doctors tell me, but faith in a God who is so much bigger than my small understanding of things. Faith and trust!

This was my Christmas miracle. It was more precious than any gift I could receive. It came in the sound of my little Eli wishing everyone he met “Merry Christmas!”.

My Three Sons

I am the proud mother of three beautiful boys, Adam age six, Eli age four, and Joseph age one.

Adam is the oldest and, as the oldest, he is sweet and feels the need to take on responsibility for everything. He is in the first grade this year. While he does well academically, I am always worried about his young age. He turned six late August and will more than likely be the youngest in his class.  He is currently obsessed with roller coasters and American Ninja Warrior. We watch roller coaster videos on YouTube together, and he plays roller coaster with his cars. He also enjoys building Ninja Warrior courses out of Legos to run his men through, and when that doesn’t work, my living room furniture serves as his own private course.  I often wonder how long before he breaks a bone!

Eli is the cream in the Oreo sandwich – sweet, in the middle, and unique from the other two. Just recently he was diagnosed with level two moderate to severe autism. He is almost four and is a little sponge, soaking up everything around him. He has always marched to the beat of his own drum; it may be the autism in part, but I believe that is just who he is. He is cute and quirky and just plain lovable.

Joseph is one and, so far, my most adventurous one. I am sure he fully embodies the whole youngest-child persona. He is demanding and defiant (yep, even at one year). I catch glimpses of his personality every day, like when he is crawling toward the entertainment center for the fourteenth time and I tell him no; he will look at me with a sly smile and continue his crawl anyway. Oh my, we are in trouble!

Being the mom of these three boys is the most challenging and rewarding job I have ever had. There are times I feel like I may lose my mind and there are times I am so amazed that they are mine!  I can’t wait to share more stories of our adventures together with you!